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The HR Hub will lay the groundwork with proven methods to improve your employee-business relations.

HR on Call • Training/Mentoring • Compliance • Special Projects • Practical Advice

Leading your employees to the summit of success has never been easier!


About The HR Hub

Leslie works with businesses and organizations to help them carve out their own "Pathway to Success." As your dedicated human resources consultant, Leslie is a trusted and strategic business partner to have in your corner. She believes in the power of positive, solution-oriented management techniques.


With over 15 years of experience in human resources, Leslie has worked in both manufacturing and retail environments where she thrived in various roles, including: Director of HR; Regional HR; HR Business Partner; and HR Advisor and Training. 


At this stage in her career, Leslie has come full circle. It is, now, her goal to share her best practices with others. Improving employee-business relations does not happen overnight, but, Leslie will create a plan catered to your specific needs so you can begin seeing minor improvements from day one.

Leslie offers practical advice, refines documents, and provides coaching and support to various organizations. She will analyze your employee and business goals, and compare them to your employee and business needs to develop a practical, action-based strategy of achievement.

Leslie Fay, founder and owner of The HR Hub LLC.

Leslie Fay


  • Society of HR Management

  • Michiana HR Management

  • West Tennessee HR Management

  • IAPO HR Consultant

  • IAPO Life Coach

  • University of Tennessee Knoxville- Women in Leadership Advisor


  • M.S. Criminal Justice

  • M.A. Conflict Resolution

  • B.S. HR Management

  • Society of HR Management, Certified Professional

  • Certified HR Consultant

  • Certified Life Coach


Services Offered

The HR Hub offers a variety of consulting services. All of the services listed below are custom priced on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about pricing before booking, please visit the "Contact" section.

All services are book for a minimum of one (1) hour. The HR Hub will discuss pricing and additional time/appointments, as needed, upon booking.

  • Available Online

    Help your employees reach their next level of potential.

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  • Available Online

    Ensure your business practices are up to code for your location and bu...

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  • Available Online

    Reveal the character and personality of your organization and the empl...

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  • Available Online

    Give employees a chance to display their talents in new ways and conne...

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  • Available Online

    Ensure your policies and procedures are supporting a positive work env...

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  • Available Online

    Ensure your organization has the tools that best fit the employee when...

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  • Available Online

    Learn new tips on how to handle hiring, performance evaluations, creat...

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Get in Touch

The HR Hub is an on-call service, specializing in assisting you with your employee-business relations needs.


For all inquiries about services offered, availability for booking, and other general questions that were not answered throughout the site, please either use the provided form or send a text using the box in the right corner.

Thank you for your inquiry! Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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